Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park
How Geysers Work
Yellowstone's Super Volcano
Yellowstone's Buffalo
Yellowstone's Wolves
Yellowstone's Bears
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The Pictures
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the Yellowstone Lawn Maintenance Crew
White Pelicans on Bridge Bay (Absaroka Range in background)
Members of . . .
View of West Thumb
(with Yellowstone Lake in background)
Firehole River, where the magma-heated water raises water temperatures. . .
from 20 to 50 degrees F
Upper Geyser Basin boils, spits, steams, and froths -- just a few of
the manifestations of a building supervolcano!
Old Faithful (spewing 3500 to 8500 gallons of super-heated water  per
Typical Yellowstone Summer Evening Storm
Old Faithful Inn
Family Photo