Mount St. Helens,
Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument
Mount St. Helens Washington State Park
Cascade Range Volcanoes
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The Pictures
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The eruption obliterated 230 square miles (note the piles of fallen
trees in foreground)
Other images of MSH, moving toward the center of the blast . . .
The Volcano Today
(note the missing top and side)
they were buried . . .
Little remains of the forest that once stood here.
Where trees were not vaporized or swept away . . .
with their tops pointing away from the mountain.
The explosion was heard 700 miles away: ash towered 16 miles into the sky and circled Earth within days.
After sleeping for 125 years, the volcano awoke with the  energy of 27,000 atomic bombs,  removing 1300 feet of summit in minutes.
From the outside in, life is slowly returning, and the Volcano is
growing to its pre-eruption height.
But it will certainly be back as will the many sleeping giants we've
seen on our journey . . .