Los Angeles,
Los Angeles
Fontana (truck capital of the world)
Our Malibu RV Park
Our Palmdale RV Park ("The Californian")
Our L.A. Freightliner "campsite"
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The Pictures
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"Our place in Malibu . . ." "and their adorable son, Josh"
"where we reunited with dear cousins, Liz & Chris . . ."
"Sunday afternoon at . . ."
"and Pier . . ."
"the Santa Monica
Beach . . ."
"where Ian comforted Erin on . . ." "Front-end trouble sent us to Freightliner for two days . . ."
"the Ferris Wheel"
"for a pair of new front tires (phew!!!)"
"And to Denny's for breakfast (and, not pictured, then to "Mastercuts"
for much-needed haircuts) . . ."
"and, the next day, to Pete's Road Service . . ."
"where we visited, among other places, Saint Mary's, Kathleen's
elementary school."
"With Big Beluga intact, we headed northeast to the Mojave Desert town (now L.A. suburb), Palmdale (Kathleen's childhood home) . . ."