Bryce Canyon National Park
Ruby's Inn & RV Park
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The Pictures
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The Westward View from Sunset Point
A Tree on Rim Trail struggles to hold on.
We look down at the hoodoos and fins . . .
Some hoodoos glare down at us on Queen's Trail.
from Sunset Point.
One of several cave passages on the trail.
A view from one of those caves.
While the rest of us marvel at the Bryce Amphitheaters, Ian marvels at his dust.
Our Hike Continues on Navajo Trail.
A long way from N.Y., we find ourselves on Wall Street . . .
. . . where this giant Douglas Fir lives. We trudge up the switchbacks to Sunrise Point.
where they are rewarded by this.
To Ruby's Inn for dinner, where country singer Jack Quist takes our
requests:  "Big Iron" and "On the Road Again"
Mom and the mountain goat make it back to the rim . . .