Queen Mine Tours
Kartschner Caverns
Kartschner Caverns II 
(We couldn't get in to the caverns, but we hear it's wonderful)
Tombstone, AZ
Tombstone, AZ II
Tombstone, AZ III
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The Pictures
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"Then rested the horses at Tombstone . . ."
"Driving to Bisbee, we stopped to cool off at the Benton DQ"
"where things seemed quiet . . ."
"TOO quiet . . ." "So we went southward and upward . . ." "toward Bisbee . . ."
"Sweet Bisbee . . ." "Where we suited up . . . "
"Loaded on . . . "
"and headed into the Queen (copper) Mine"
"'Now, listen up! Don't disturb the cave trolls'"
"Let's go bust some rocks!"